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September 26, 2023

Boat capsized on the way to a temple in Mahalaya; 25 pilgrims dead

Mahalaya had a terrible accident at noon. In the Karatoya River, a boat carrying passengers capsized. From the tragic accident in Panchagarh, Boda Upazila, Bangladesh, 25 bodies have already been found. There are still at least 25 people missing. Locals and the rescue team are looking for them. The accident happened this afternoon in Panchagarh’s Aulia Ghat neighbourhood, according to police sources. On the occasion of Mahalaya, all of the victims were travelling to the Vadeswari temple. You must cross the Karatoya River to get to that temple. While crossing the river, the accident occurred. There was a lot of rain in the area yesterday. The river’s water level significantly rose as a result. There could be more casualties.

Police sources report that there are 12 women and 8 children among the deceased. The identities of all the bodies are still pending. There were at least 60–70 people on board. In the middle of the river, the boat capsized. According to eyewitness accounts, the boat was overloaded with passengers. While some passengers managed to swim ashore, the majority were carried away by the current.
According to Mohammad Suleiman Ali, the director of Boda Upazila, there were roughly 70 people on the boat. It began to float away after travelling a fair distance through the river. The sailor made an effort to control the boat. But he fell short.

An investigation committee has been established by the district administration to determine how the incident occurred. 20,000 rupees have been given to the departed’s families for cremation. It should be noted that on August 13 of this year, a boat sinking incident in Brahmanberia, Bangladesh, resulted in the deaths of 19 people. This afternoon, a boat capsized in Laiska Bill, Brahmanberia. The boat was rammed into the water by a sand-filled trawler. In addition to this, on September 11, a boating accident in Rajshahi resulted in the deaths of 4 people.

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