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September 26, 2023

A Global Peak Tanker struck a fishing boat off Kochi, India, and sped away; Four injured

A Panama-registered tanker ship named Global Peak collided with a fishing boat based in Beypore early on September 22nd off the coast of Cochin, inflicting four minor injuries on four fishermen. According to Beypore-based coastal police station officials, the accident occurred around 5.30 am.

With 13 crew members, including two Tamil natives and 11 North Indians, the Al Naeeme fishing boat sailed to the Arabian Sea on September 17. According to reports, a Malaysian ship struck the ship in the back. There were no fatalities, but Mr. Apputty, the station house officer, noted that some people had minor injuries.

According to reports, the Beypore police have opened an investigation into the Ali Akbar, the owner of the fishing boat, complaint.

The SHO mentioned that the Coast Guard had been informed, and it is anticipated that the case will be forwarded to the Cochin coastal police for further investigation.

The fishermen claimed that after the incident, the crew of the foreign ship did not offer any assistance and that they were saved and given information about the foreign tanker by local fishermen who had witnessed the accident from a different vessel.

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