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September 30, 2023

InterManager advises: Keep seafarers in mind when developing shipping technology

InterManager, a ship manager association, emphasizes the significance of keeping seafarers in mind while introducing digital solutions and new methods of working at sea as World Maritime Day acknowledges the role of technology in assisting shipping to reach its green goals.

“The maritime community is correct to embrace innovative ways of working that lead to cleaner, greener, and more sustainable shipping and protect our marine resources for many decades to come,” said Captain Kuba Szymanski, InterManager Secretary General. The people who run our ships must also be kept in mind as we embark on this environmentally friendly path, and we must make sure that the equipment we install is safe to use, that the appropriate training programmes are established, and that operating procedures are updated appropriately.

He applauded Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, for his remarks in which he emphasised that technological advancements for safer, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient shipping must also benefit people. He also urged the shipping industry to take into account how green technology will affect seafarers and other marine personnel.

InterManager conducts safety campaigns on behalf of its ship and crew manager members, who employ a sizable fraction of the world’s seafarers, in an effort to reduce workplace accidents and fatalities. Its current initiatives include determining safe working procedures in confined areas and the proper usage of lifeboats. It has influenced several international ship operating laws, including the ISMA Code.

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