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September 30, 2023

“Do What Others Don’t To Achieve What Others Won’t” says CMG Director, Deepam Rastogi

BY Shivani 

Deepam Rastogi, director of CMG Maritime Institute, one of India’s leading Maritime Coaching  Institutes believes that for any successful business model to flourish the basis starts with identifying the problem and giving out the solutions, He said, “When I was at a very young age and working in this industry, I realised that education is a primitive feature of growth for any profession,” But unfortunately, there have been very few institutes working on this aspect and setting it up for their candidates. CMG is the first of its kind Institution handling this aspect for almost a decade now and its worth is proven as it is already listed as the #1 on global platforms like Google and Facebook in its profile.

Rastogi added, “The nature of our industry is such that there are majorly contractual-based jobs and there are consistent gaps in the study and examination front of a candidate due the midway sailing process on consistent basis plus there is a lack of focus on average and below-average students in a separate environment as per their needs”. 

Rastogi addressed this problem and came up with CMG, a growth and result-oriented learning platform. “These are some aspects that are long overlooked in our industry and hence CMG took this opportunity, which is providing the solutions to all these aspects by focusing on each of the candidates with the simple vision that certification will only make you a job eligible candidate; But, knowledge and standardisation of performance orientation at your workplace will give you long term survivability,” said Deepam Rastogi while in conversation with Littoral Communications. 

He believes that one should focus more on surviving with consistency rather than just being eligible for a job.  “Today, I am proud of our ever-growing popularity on various platforms and among candidates themselves, CMG has this very successful vision of growing at large,” stated Rastogi. 

CMG Maritime is the knowledge and result-oriented platform which not only enhances time-management for examination but also is a visionary about the performance of the candidate beyond certification. It works on building a career according to the skill-set and reputation that comes along with any rank or profile in this industry. Rastogi said, “These objectives, motives and vision of CMG sets them apart.” 

Rastogi on being asked about future plans for CMG said, “We have focused mainly on the COC examination of Deck officers since we started, now that we have established ourselves as leaders in the industry on PAN India basis, we are planning to expand into other modules as well, for example, Engine Grade Competency Examinations. He also added, “We will be focusing on digital platforms for learning as it is the need of the hour especially after the post-Covid era, we are already conducting online sessions for the past 2 years and have made sure with our efforts and inputs of an ever committed team that they are at par with Physical Sessions in every aspect. We want to create a better reach and provide a “Connect From Home” kind of service whereby a candidate considering all his hindrances posted by the profile and culture of this Industry  may choose his professional enhancement with us as per his place and time of convenience “ 

Rastogi said that there are major differences between CMG and other institutes in India, “Firstly,  we are not doing any approved courses and certification like most of the institutions and norm of this industry is. We are rather focusing on quality learning, result-orientation and performance enhancement by providing probably one the best knowledge-based, interactive and structured environments available anywhere in this field.” 

He believes that to make this effort look realistic at the ground level, we need to learn in a real environment as theory and execution make a big difference. CMG provides unmatched and unparalleled facilities to the candidates. They organise mock sessions before the start of each batch, where students can judge and analyze themselves and also the structure and facilitation of the Academy.

Director believes that this creates trust and compatibility between the students and CMG, which is a key necessity for growth building education. CMG gives a validity period under various grades and programmes which gives a sense of security and liability of result to the student, which most of the institution does not have.  

While talking about the USP Rastogi mentioned, “Ours is a platform where there is equal respect for the candidate and his professional experience into this industry, which is matched with our expertise and mentorship creates a channelised path for his growth and development.”

“We have been approached and recognised by one of the most active and reputed Global Edtech platforms like Unacademy recently, which is a huge achievement for our institute in terms of Brand building and authenticity of our years of efforts” added Rastogi. He said, “We have an experience of almost a decade as teaching professionals with various grades and levels along with our unparalleled strength of 2000 competent students. I think CMG brings on the table unmatched quality learning with dedication and commitment.” 

Director believes that Education is skill-based, not only on professional achievements. The skill of training others can not be overlooked for professional achievement. 

He suggested the students to not run after success blindly rather enhance their vision and become capable enough to make success follow them. He says that success can not be channelised or drafted in a book. Lastly, he asked his students to “Do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.”

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