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September 26, 2023

After the captain passes out, the chief engineer from Carmona takes control of the sinking ship in the US.

A merchant navy ship named MV Norfolk ran aground in Houston, Texas, putting the city’s environment in danger. But at this crucial moment, Allwyn Jorge, the Chief Engineer on board the Carmona-bound ship, showed bravery by taking over the steering and guiding the ship to a safe berth in Houston harbour.
He assured us that everyone on the Indian crew is secure at sea.

Jorge’s brave actions in taking control of the ship and averting an environmental catastrophe in the US have been recognised by the Houston authorities.

Recalling the incident Jorge said, “MV Norfolk, a merchant navy vessel with Indian crew onboard had a miraculous narrow escape after its main engines failed to respond from the Bridge when manoeuvring in a very narrow channel while berthing in Houston port at a time when its Captain collapsed on the Bridge due to shock.”

He said upon the orders from the US pilot he took over the command of the vessel and by manoeuvring the main engines in close-quarter situations on emergency controls, brought the ship to berth safely at Houston port.

“This was the tensest moment of my career at sea when the ship almost ran aground with no response from the Captain of the MV Norfolk as it would have been an environmental disaster if we had lost control of the vessel and a big setback to Indian seafarers reputation worldwide,” said Jorge.

When the ship safely berthed in Houston harbour and the US Coast Guard boarded the vessel, he said it was a very nervous time for the entire crew onboard and a happy moment.

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