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September 26, 2023

Four Fishermen Rescued Near Thondi, One Still Missing

By Aakanksha Nigam

In the Ramanathapuram district, four fishermen from Nambuthalai village near Thondi were rescued from the middle of the ocean after their country boat needed repairs, but one fisherman was still missing as of Friday night.

Five fishermen, identified as Murugesan (49), Chakravarthi (46), Kalidas (35), Pandi (47), and Surya (20), went fishing in the water on Wednesday night, according to the Marine Police in Thondi. They were meant to have returned to the coast on Saturday noon.

Because there had been no word about the five fishermen, others in the village went out into the sea in search of them. Fortunately, four of them were found and safely rescued some 25 nautical miles distant, however one fisherman who has been named Murugesan is still missing.

The four fishermen were taken to Ramanathapuram Government Hospital in an ambulance once they reached the shore. Officials from the fisheries department came to the hospital to ask questions, and the physicians responded that their condition was stable.

Murugesan, a missing fisherman, is being sought after.

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