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September 26, 2023

Discovering the New Year | How Can You Make This Year Better?

Dr. Binay Singh  President, Federation of Global Maritime Community

Yes, it’s time to speak about New Year’s resolutions… again. In a time of such chaos, these sorts of objectives for yourself might seem like a means to steady your progress and centre your happiness when everything else feels off-kilter. It might also seem like a very overwhelming method to put pressure on yourself and make yourself feel like a failure before spring. Fortunately, there are many approaches to making practical New Year’s goals that you can stick to throughout the year (and after, if you like).

“Imagine a life without purpose. It seems unthinkable, but in our small ways, we are all on the verge of such an abysmal life. We are all just on this side of catastrophe. If we are not careful about the choices we make and the habits we develop, we are likely to fall into a hole out of which we cannot pull ourselves. Before we ever realize it, the weeks turn into months, which turn into another year behind us, a year with which we may not feel completely satisfied”.

“-The whole year, we flit from this thing to that thing. At the end of it all, even if we have not changed anything, we tell ourselves that we are going to do better than we did the last year.”

So, creating resolutions, when done realistically, can be a healthy, useful approach to establish objectives and intentions for the new year and beyond. Making positive changes, such as quitting a harmful habit and adopting a healthy one, is always a wonderful idea—one you should follow through on.

The Year 2022— How to Set Achievable New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you ever heard of a SMART goal? SMART is an acronym that stands for:

S: Sincere

M: Modern

A: Ambitious

R: Realistic

T: Time-bound

It’s a common business acronym, and it’s also one that fitness experts use to help clients create achievable objectives. It’s also useful for any New Year’s resolutions you’re considering right now.

Setting a SMART goal is an excellent strategy for increasing your chances of success. This strategy may be very beneficial for many typical New Year’s objectives, such as exercising more, improving eating habits, and saving money.

 “Ask yourself what exactly you would do with the next year if you knew that you would succeed at anything you chose. If you were completely sure that nothing could prevent you from reaching even your most ambitious goals, how would you choose to spend all of your days? The next year should come as close to that vision as it can. It would help if you aimed to turn your year into the picture-perfect reflection of your goals and values. Anything that gets in the way of that prevents you from living as you know you should be living is not worth your time or your energy.”

Finally, believe in yourself & know your blessings.

“Through integrity, commitment, and persistence, we all become better people. We come into a firmer comprehension of our places in the world, seeing through the mundane and the unhealthy. What helps more than anything during this process is noticing what is already going right for you. While you may need to make corrections to your life, small tweaks or additions that will set you up for more substantial and more sustainable joy and success, there have also been great times and wonderful fortunes that have gotten you to this point”.

And, of course, after you’ve accomplished your objective, it’s time to rejoice. But it’s also time to think about how you’ll remain with it in the future. Making a budget, eating for improved heart health, and establishing a regular workout regimen are all tremendous lifestyle changes worth committing to for more than a year. Use your sense of success to fuel your healthy behaviors so that you may continue to feel good—and proud of how far you’ve come—for years to come.

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